Approx 4 years ago I had a bad car accident. I now have damage to the discs of the cervix of the neck. This means the discs are degenerating and it is placing a lot of pressure on the nerves because they cannot support the weight of my head. I had severe migraines, usually lasting all day, slurring of speech, numbness and pins and needles in my arms, dizziness and even blackouts. No physio could help me, surgery was not an option and the medication I was given kept me mostly bedridden. I was approached to take LR's Aloe Vera Drinking Gel. Being desperate I was willing to try anything. After 2 weeks, my symptoms were slowly starting to improve. After 3 months none of my symptoms were visible anymore, I could live my life again. Now more than 3 years later if I don't take my Aloe Vera for a few days you can see my symptoms starting up again. Quotes

LR Aloe Vera Drinking Gel

Quotes I have used many other creams including ones endorsed by celebrities like Proactiv. None seemed to work for me. I'm not a fan of medication so I seeked a skin care system that worked. I found MicroSilver and was given a sample, promised a guarantee I decided to order - I kept telling myself it would fail as it was a two step system. However, I was wrong, the wash bar made less pimples appear on my back and the blemishes on my face reduced through the cream. For just two steps, this product is fantastic! Quotes
LR MicroSilver


  Quotes     I absolutely love the Aloe Vera Emergency Spray. This worked wonders for my mother when she had a sore and inflamed leg. Within seconds of spraying it there was an instant cooling and soothing effect. Likewise i have found it to be wonderful with sunburn and cooking burns. It is also amazing at removing the insane itching caused by insect bites. I have never known of a more versatile product. Sharyn, Victoria Quotes                                                                                                

Quotes I was a student at the time and discovered the opportunity through a friend. It seemed too good to be true until I finally made the small kit investment into the company. My first two months were dead, I had hardly any connections. So rather than waiting for something to happen I set-up my own ads, ran an online website, emailed friends and went door to door selling. The result? A happier, confident me and great income in my hands. Now I have a team of Partners which I support in my everyday life, and I love it! There is no better feeling than to help others succeed! Quotes
Ray Pasteur
LR Business

Quotes When I first started my activity as a consultant I understood one thing: I knew many people and this business offers a great opportunity for many people. I started immediately: I wrote my name list and started to ring people, invited them and put 34 first-lines on in the first 5 weeks. There it was, the 21%-level. It worked, I was excited. The fast start, the regular work practice, the seminars, the contact with successful LR Leaders and of course the help of my Organisation Leader were the key to my success. I climbed the career ladder. You must clearly identify your goals, as the goals will make your work worthwhile. LR is your best partner. Just do it! Quotes
Johanna Limmert
LR Business

Quotes Admittably I thought this product would be a crock of ....... - but last night I was attacked by mozzies, and I started to scratch myself to the point of ripping my skin ( Ouch ). The Emergency spray ( which I thought would be a little bottle ) it is not, it is massive bottle, so it will last forever... I decided to unwrap it, and actually use it... When unwrapping I was really thinking, this won't work, this wont do anything - WELL I was wrong, not only did the Emergency Spray stop the itching, it also soothed the area that I had pealed by over scratching... Needless to say - I am going to use the Emergency Spray for something I think was not intended being an After Waxing spray to calm the skin, from a freshly waxed body, especially for facial waxing. Quotes
AV Emergency Spray

Quotes I have been using the Aloe Vera Baby Nappy Rash Cream since my baby was born almost 2 years ago and he has never had Nappy Rash since. Quotes
LR Baby Nappy Rash Cream

Quotes When I got to know the LR business in 1995 by my former husband, Patrick King, I was quite "normal" person with a very "normal" job and a very "normal" life. I was 23 years old, social worker with a mean average monthly salary and, therefore, had a side job as an aerobics instructor. 3 years later after singing up to LR, I was able to allow me, full-time. Never again, a manager who says, when you have a holiday and not a bank that says where they go on vacation. No ice scrapers and hope that the engine starts on a winter morning in freezing temperatures. A little bit of freedom, from the inner most dreams everyone. My tip for all new partners: Believe in yourself, to LR and your organisation leader. Quotes
Anja Anger
LR Business

Quotes At the age of 24 years, I signed my application consultant at LR. At this time I worked as a welder in a lamp factory for about 1,500, - DM net and, besides, in port for 8 marks an hour. I know what I can do, if not better. From that day on I spent every spare minute in my LR shop. During the day I welded my lamps after work (mostly) up after midnight and on weekends I worked ceaselessly to build my LR. At least an additional 40 hours per week were the norm. My strengths: the utter conviction of what I do, my enthusiasm to other "skips" and above all hard work, diligence and hard work. Quotes
Bernd Vogelhuber
LR Business

Quotes Money is not everything in life, but it gives you the choice to live the lifestyle of your dreams. This is a good reason to persevere. It is an exciting adventure to become successful. Once you established yourself in LR, you will not consider LR activities hard work. It is just fun! The yearly rising bonuses and therefore increasing freedom, the faster cars, the travel seminars and end of the year galas .... It is not only the money, that makes the LR business attractive. It is a good feeling to offer other people an opportunity and then watch how some actually grab it. Success in life also increases your self-esteem and self-worth. Quotes
Holger Kunath

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