The LR story begins in Ahlen, Germany. In 1985 two passionate entrepreneurs wanted to make Germany known for health and beauty. Since then the company is focused in creating products that make others Feel Good and Look Great.

In the 20th century LR continued to grow as a reputable company. For over 25 years the LR name originated from "La Racine" has been known as one of the most popular and highest quality European brands for health and beauty products.

Today LR operates in 30 countries. Thanks to its distribution network of direct sales, LR is sold by more than 300,000 independent LR Sale Partners and is recognised worldwide by cosmetic associations like Dermatest and the SGS Institute Fresenius.

LR is respected in over 30 countries. It has been given the privilege of celebrities like Desperate Housewives, Leona Lewis, Boris Becker, Heidi Klum, Michael Schumacher and many more. All of these celebs have chosen LR to build a strong relationship. Leona Lewis recently based her choice on ethical thinking stating "LR is an ethical company". The reasoning behind this comes from the LR commitment to create high quality products without animal testing or by products.

You Can Find Us In:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Chezc Republic, Denmark, Faroer, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine. 
LR holds strong partnerships with VKE (Worldwide Cosmetic Association) also connected to leading brands like Estee Lauder and Clarins. In addition LR hold strong links with VW, Mercedes Benz  and Porsche for the car concept with rewarding sale partners. Further, DHL is a global partner of LR's logistics. This enables LR to send millions of product every year to its partners. Remember no product is outsourced. All items come from one factory in Ahlen.

LR is committed to creating products with the highest quality. However, it doesn't stop there.The LR brand is recognised worldwide for its devotion to purity and natural raw materials. All ingredients are safe and meet European Cosmetic Guidelines. The adaption of Mineral Make Up in the brand also suggests LR's continual pattern of change to the latest trends and ensuring products are ideal for all skin types. The Mineral Make Up range consists of no added oils and doesn't clog pores like most brands.

  • LR is a 25 year old reputable company
  • Europes No.1 Network Marketing Company
  • Has experienced no downturn since 1985.
  • Sales reached over 22 billion dollars last year
  • Over 300,000 Partners worldwide
  • Strong belief in freedom, flexibility and choice
  • LR rewards it's partners through easy to achieve compensation plan
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