Take The Chance To Change

LR offer everyone the chance no matter age, gender or education, to gain financial freedom.
LR has a proven residual income plan which is designed to assist anyone in joining the business.

What LR Has To Offer?
  • No Minimum Sales or Booking Requirements
  • No Annual Fees or Extra Charges
  • Join from just $249
  • Less Restrictions on Advertising
  • VW and Mercedes Benz Car Concept
  • Recruit in any of the 30 countries
  • Over 1,000 products with 40% trade-margin
  • Up to 21% in personal and team bonuses
  • More than 3% in Manager bonuses
  • Sell via any sales method (online, parties, catalogue or markets)
  • Fast Start Rewards Programme. Earn a personal DVD Player, Digital Camera, 10 Starboxes or GPS
LR has a strong belief in rewarding its partners. Simply share the business or products with others and receive a plethora of rewards. Our LR team is dedicated to your success providing you with extra resources, optional meetings and training events plus free online support.
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